Fastback Disaster Recovery

Fastest and most powerful restores, with Bare Metal Recovery

Protecting data and ensuring application availability are often special challenges for smaller organizations or companies with remote offices.

Backups are typically done manually - by non-IT personnel - using old tape-based systems. This can pose significant risks of user error and tape loss/theft. All of these scenarios bring the possibility of data loss and significant business interruption when data cannot be restored or when systems fail.

That’s why Storagepipe’s Fastback DR provides local and remote backup options, and offers the fastest speed of recovery available. The Fastback DR solution supports file, volume and bare-metal restore, with offsite business continuity and disaster recovery.

You get continuous and scheduled data protection services and significantly faster backup and recoverability than any other solution on the market because of the immediate access to your information.

Also, “bare metal” machine recovery capabilities make it possible to quickly recover entire systems to a comparable server, to a new server with different hardware, or even to a virtual machine.

Key Benefits of Storagepipe Fastback DR Server Backup

  • Continuous Data Protection - provides around-the-clock protection of your mission-critical applications
  • Fastest Backup Technology on the Market - use of block-level incremental technology ensures maximum efficiency & performance
  • Data Deduplication - reduces the amount of storage space required and optimizes restore speeds and offsite replication
  • Unparalleled Recovery Speed - use of Virtual Recovery™, coupled with background restoration, provides immediate application availability to get users working in minutes
  • File and Volume Restore - a wide range of restore functionalities allowing all restores from a single backup snapshot
  • Recover Microsoft® Exchange Data Within Minutes - goes beyond recovery of entire databases to enable recovery of specific data objects including email messages, attachments, contacts, calendars, and more
  • Bare Machine Recovery - provides recovery following a disaster or server failure, even to dissimilar hardware or to virtual machines
  • Application Aware Recovery - recover single objects such as SQL Tables or Mailboxes
  • Disaster Recovery - selective offsite replication efficiently support both on-site and off-site recovery needs
  • No Capital Investment - all hardware, software, storage and offsite disaster recovery costs are built-in

Contact Storagepipe today and see how Storagepipe Fastback DR can provide a comprehensive and cost effective solution for your business needs.

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