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Backup Efficiency
Reduce backup windows and adhere to
stricter Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives(RTO). Also, integrated archiving allows you to maintain remote archival snapshots without additional processes.
Fast and Easy
Data Recovery
Instant access to your backup data from any place, any time, and from any point in time. Includes advanced granular recovery for files, mailboxes, database tables and virtual machines. Please complete the form on the page for more information.
Data Security
Backups are automatically sent off-site, eliminating the possibility of human error. All data is first encrypted using AES before being transmitted over the Internet using secure SSL.
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Ontario Server Backup

The most critical component in business computing, especially for a large enterprise, is the storage infrastructure and the data contained within it. Savvy companies understand that utilizing a highly efficient system is a crucial aspect to performing at a competitive level against others in the same industry. No matter how efficient a team may be, potential may never be truly realized until tools are provided that can keep up with the pace.

One of the biggest problems in data protection has to do with the fact that companies are struggling with a number of new IT challenges which include things such as BYOD, virtualization, rapid data growth, shrinking IT budgets, online business, 24 hour business, etc... And yet IT administrators must overcome all of these challenges without allocating significant increases to the IT budget and without monopolizing already under-available IT time.

Automation is absolutely essential for server backup in Ontario. Servers must be backed up in an automated fashion, it must be done inexpensively, it must be accomplished with built-in flexibility for future plans... and most of all it must supply at least equal or stronger security protection when compared to the current in-house Ontario server backup process.

Storagepipe is a Canadian company with a deep understanding of the legal and technical challenges associated with protecting data in Canada for Canadian businesses, and a special focus on handling the needs of our Ontario Server Backup customers.

Whether you want to back up a few simple machines, or a massively distributed and complex datacenter infrastructure, Storagepipe can provide you with a the Ontario server backup that will best meet your requirements for the most reasonable price. Also, these services come backed with Storagepipe's services and expertise which will help ensure that your backup plan can adapt to whatever direction or shape your company needs to take in the future.
Ontario server backup requires a strong IT data protection partnership, and Storagepipe is the company that can provide this.

Ontario disaster recovery

Ontario is seen internationally as an important central hub of commerce. And industries from all over the world rely heavily on the stability and resiliency of Ontario's market and its companies' abilities to continue providing reliable, resilient support regardless of the circumstances they might find themselves facing.

Like most of the rest of Canada, the Ontario population is mainly concentrated in the south, and the north is a heavily forested, lake filled hunter's paradise. This highly concentrated density of people has both created a synergistic effect which stimulates business growth while also creating a special vulnerability in the event of a major natural disaster, terrorist attack or industrial accident.

If your company gets taken out of commission, this will affect customers, stakeholders and other downstream organizations which rely on your business to continue as a going concern. Because of this, a single serous outage or major data disaster can be enough to wipe out a business or even an industry within a matter of hours.

Having a strong, IT-focused and technology-enabled disaster recovery plan based within Ontario can help your organization survive even the worst of such events without compromising on your security or regulatory compliance obligations.

Storagepipe is a single-source provider which can protect the data and infrastructure for all of your IT systems. Storagepipe monitors your data backups and proactively addresses any potential issues long before they become a concern. And in addition to simple data protection, Storagepipe also offers many disaster recovery services which can recover your IT systems extremely rapidly with minimal complication or even establish near-instant failover to an alternate location.

Ontario disaster recovery is important because Canada has special privacy protection regulations which must be adhered to by companies handling sensitive client data.

And allowing this information to travel to another country may potentially lead to undesirable compliance conflicts. By dealing with an Ontario Disaster Recovery expert such as Storagepipe, you eliminate many of these risks or challenges by keeping your precious digital information on Canadian land within Ontario.

In the province of Ontario, you have the distinction of having some of the least populated and most heavily populated areas of North America side by side. The Toronto, Hamilton, and Kitchener corridor is home to millions of people, many of whom have never been to the northern reaches of the province where it is difficult to find a road, let alone people.

As far as business goes, Ontario is a thriving center for commerce... both local and international. Good business people know that in order to succeed, they need to be prepared for unexpected events which could destabilize their services. Disasters may strike at any instant, and business continuity is the most essential process required for averting and dealing with these situations. A good business continuity plan will look at every single contingency and how it affects every single piece of the business.

Unfortunately, most business owners are too concerned with putting out the small fires of day-to-day survival to really spend much time thinking about the big-picture of how catastrophic events could affect their operations. That's why so few companies have a disaster recovery plan in place, and even fewer have actually tested their DR plan for its effectiveness.

Thus, a lot of the planning for business continuity in Ontario organizations will fall into the hands of internal employees who lack the appropriate training or qualification. But ideally, some of this DR and BC planning should also fall into the hands of a business continuity specialist with the tools, technologies, resources and expertise to ensure that your business can survive after a catastrophic event. Such contractors are always available anywhere you are, thanks to internet connectivity.

When you are looking for business continuity technology providers in the province of Ontario, be sure to figure out which one is the best one for you. Select the ones with the most experience and the most advanced technologies, and look for providers who can save you money by offering services on a pay-as-you-go service model.

Ontario Cloud Backup

Choosing the right cloud backup provider can be a challenge. There must be absolutely no compromise when it comes to compliance, safety and security of corporate data. But at the same time, the new process should not create more work for the already overburdened IT support team. An ideal solution should be both completely secure, and be fully-automated. It also helps if the cloud backup solution that you select would be free of non-essential up-front capital investments.

One of the most widely discussed topics for business is the security of data protection in the cloud. This is a multifaceted subject dealing with the safety measures in place which allow a privileged person to access information while preventing unauthorized access. Authorization must be dutifully planned so that data is easy to retrieve without being so accessible that confidential information can be easily exploited. This can often be accomplished through certifications, encryption and careful selection of storage facility destinations.

In Ontario, the cloud is being increasingly adopted in many different industries from healthcare to education. One of the most prominent facilities for cloud backup is Storagepipe’s state-of-the-art Ontario datacenter. They offer complete cloud backup solutions for everything from private clouds to physical server infrastructure. Further, systems are regularly backed up in complete images, which is quite convenient should the system crash or hardware fail. They also offer a hybrid backup solution which combined local and remote backups, known as the Fastback DR. This is sold at several pricing tiers, depending on the amount of storage required and additional services. Such solutions are ideal for companies which do not wish to make large initial expenditures in order to get the best data protection.

Canada Server Backup What is the most important component to a business? Is it a loyal customer base? Perhaps it is a quality product or service? Maybe it is consistent operation which leads to steady profits? Actually, all of the above are important elements of a successful business. Reliable staff who deliver high caliber goods and services is an important leg upon which a business stands. Without proper footing, momentum will not be gained and a company will remain stagnant. Once a business is in motion it is of critical importance to maintain direction, or risk loss and possible failure. This is where building a strong backbone becomes crucial. Data loss is something which can cripple a business, causing the loss of both large and small accounts. What is worse, reputation is invariably damaged by such misfortune. This is why businesses in Canada are fortifying their network infrastructure with reliable backup systems. Canadian datacenters are the spines of most Canadian businesses. And if those cords should become severed due to some sort of a data disaster, entire companies can be destroyed in a matter of days. That’s why it’s absolutely critical to protect Canadian server data using the best-quality Canadian server backup… and to do so in a way that’s also backed by a team that is well-trained and highly experienced in Canadian server backup. Many Canadian businesses are also using a cloud service for server backup. This will protect against natural disaster, should catastrophe wipe out a datacenter or mission-critical rack. Consider your location and implement the best possible backup for the sake of your business. Contact Storagepipe today for all of your Canada Server Backup requirements.

It's very easy for us. For most companies today, I think it should be a pretty simple, effective way of getting some sleep at night and not worrying about backups.

Paul Leone, Vice-President
Information Technology and Logistics
adidas-Salomon Canada Ltd.

It is clear that this is a shift in technology that provides IPC with long-term benefits and less headaches. No more back-up window issues, no more failed tapes/tape drives. Our Disaster Recovery planning has become that much easier.

Brian Thornborrow
Director - Information Technology
IPC Financial Network Inc.
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