Moving From Capex to Opex - IT Budgeting Hacks That Provide Peace of Mind

This will make you reconsider how you think about IT spending.

The “Billionaire’s Doctor” - A Backup and Disaster Recovery Riddle

Here's an interesting riddle that might make you re-think how you approach IT security.


Here is what all IT executives should aspire to for 2017

Who is Grace Hopper?

Who is Grace Hopper?

Why Malware Happens - Theft of Digital Resources (DDoS, Bitcoin, Brute Force)

How hackers steal digital resources for DDoS, Cryptocurrency, Brute Force, and other purposes.

Backup Testing vs. Backup Verification

Trust... but verify!

Ignore Viruses, Theft, and Natural Disasters

The primary causes of data loss were hardware failure, followed by human error, and software corruption. How much is data protection worth to you?

Why Malware Happens - Ethical Hacking and Recognition

How curiosity, fame and recognition can motivate bad people to attack your systems.

Emerging Trends In Cloud Data Protection

How Cloud Data Protection Has Changed in 15 Years

Why Malware Happens - Spam and Botnets

Learn about how hackers and malware creators leverage hacked computers for spam and botnets to infect your computer & how to protect your system from them.

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