Choosing The Right DRaaS Provider And the Right Plan

Some advice to keep in mind when shopping for DRaaS vendors.

DRaaS Appliances 101

How cloud backup and disaster recovery appliances improve recovery times.

How IT Automation Saved 98,000 Lives

The shocking report that sparked a revolution in business process automation.

Mode Errors - A Disaster Recovery Weak Point

Discover why the best laid disaster recovery plans can still fail.

What Johnny Cash Can Teach Us About Disaster Recovery

Does this famous song remind you of your backup plan?

What Does Amazon's S3 and EC2 Outage Mean For You?

Dealing with downtime in a cloud-centric world

Moving From Capex to Opex - IT Budgeting Hacks That Provide Peace of Mind

This will make you reconsider how you think about IT spending.

The “Billionaire’s Doctor” - A Backup and Disaster Recovery Riddle

Here's an interesting riddle that might make you re-think how you approach IT security.


Here is what all IT executives should aspire to for 2017

Who is Grace Hopper?

Who is Grace Hopper?

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